Wind Energy Solutions

“As long as the wind blows, energy can be harnessed”

Wind Energy Solutions provide a continuous supply of power during day and night hours. Wind Turbines could be supplied with vertical axis or horizontal axis, each with a certain topology and engineering to cover a wide range of loads ranging from hundreds of kilowatts and up to utility scale mega-loads.

Benefits of Wind Solutions

  • Abundant Solution
  • Wind power is the only power source that could be available all year long and during day and night hours.

  • Cost-Effective & Short Payback Period
  • One of lowest-priced renewable energy sources resulting in a very short payback period.

  • Small Area Requirement
  • Wind turbines require a fraction of a land and yet produce huge amounts of energy all year long.

  • Eco-friendly Image & Values
  • With main reliance on renewable energy sources, the wind energy solution provides a green, cost-effective solution limiting noise and environmental pollution.