Village Solution

“Finally, a unique solution covering the electrical demand of a village or number of villages – A smart network distribution reaching every residential/commercial unit in the village”

With the passion to decrease the world-wide pollution and energy costs; transforming any village into an eco-village is the first step to be taken. Our village solution produces, regulates, and delivers the solar production by means of a smart network into every unit/household in the village. Given that in some areas, the utility power-cut can accumulate up to 20 hours per day, the introduction of the smart network ensures the delivery of a stabilized power at every unit and allows the customer to control his consumption via a smart meter operation.

Why Eco-Village Solution?

  • Leave all the work on us and pay zero investment
  • The main concept of our eco-village solution is to boost the capabilities of the municipalities. We will be responsible for the full investment of the project and providing a 24/7 stable power supply for all residential/commercial units in the village. By the end of the contract period, the municipality will own the project and benefit from its huge profits

  • Energy Gap? No Problem
  • Eco-village solution combines a set of renewable energy sources in a central power plant, producing energy to eliminate energy gaps.

  • Smart Billing System
  • Smart prepaid meters are installed for every customer, reducing management costs, limiting human intervention and providing a fully automated system

  • Stability of Power
  • Smart transmission and distribution system engineered to provide a 24/7 stable power delivery for the current and future demands of the village.

  • Eco-friendly image & values
  • With main reliance on renewable energy sources, the eco-village solution provides a green, cost-effective solution limiting noise and environmental pollution.