Solar Pumping Systems

Solar Pumping is a stand-alone system that operates with a solar-VFD combination to completely turn off all other power-providing sources. Pumping is usually located in remote areas where in most cases expensive, polluting generators are the primary source of power. The main reliance on generators is expensive in terms of diesel and generators’ maintenance and spare parts. Solar pumping replaces the generator and provides continuous power supply to the pump during daytime.

Benefits of Solar Pumping

  • Continuous pump operation
  • With the solar pumping solution, you can benefit from a continuous pump operation during sun hours, without any reliance on utility power or generator operation, making it perfectly suited for remote areas.

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Remove the burden of maintenance off your shoulders and benefit from a silent and calm system rather than the noisy, polluting diesel generators that require regular maintenance and spare parts. The system is fully automated and requires no management.

  • Highly Cost-Effective
  • With no reliance on utility or generator’s power, the system provides a peaking rate of return.

  • Highly adaptable solution
  • The solution is engineered to provide power from alternative sources, such as Utility or back-up generators, in case of solar unavailability.