Rooftop Key Solutions

“Go Green, With Every Sunrise.”

Covering mega-loads of electrical demand in Factories, commercial centers, educational institutions and other rooftop constructions is one of the primary actions we have to undertake in order to decrease our carbon footprint; and push towards green environments while providing major savings to the businesses and institutes. The current reliance of such businesses is mainly on generators due to the inability of the utility power to cover the mega-loads presented by the high-scale businesses. The solution provided integrates a rooftop solar plant with the current existing system and controls the alternative power sources to ensure the maximum savings.

Benefits of Rooftop Solutions

  • Cost-Effective & Short Payback Period
  • With full penetration of solar production during utility availability and minimum loads on generators during power-cuts, the system reduces your electricity bills and provides a short payback period

  • 25 Years Performance Guarantee
  • Solar systems have a long lifetime with minimum hassle of maintenance

  • Reliable
  • The system is fully automated to control all power sources available (Solar – Utility – Generators) to ensure maximum penetration of solar power and minimized energy bills

  • Green Certifications
  • Go green and give your facility an advantage over others to gain green certifications

  • Eco-friendly image & values
  • With main reliance on renewable energy sources, the rooftop solution provides a green, cost-effective solution limiting noise and environmental pollution